Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are curled to reproduce a natural eyelash. When properly applied, lashe extensions shoud last 60-90 days, or the length of a natural eyelash growth cycle. Each hair grows at its own rate, and thus touchups are necessary every 2 to 4 weeks to replenish new growth.


Lash extensions provide a natural looking enchancement to your own existing lashes. Your lash line will appear fuller, thicker and longer when a full set of extensions are applied. Extensions should move and feel like your own natural lash when applied by a professional.






Eyelash Extension FAQ


Are eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, when properly applied by a professional. Lashes are applied with an adhesive to your own natural lash, NOT your skin. Thus, no adhesive ever touches your skin, minimizing the chances of an allergic reaction or othet skin reactions.


What is the difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes and the "lash styling" services you offer?

Extensions are invidiually applied ONE extension PER natural lash. A small amount of adhesive is applied to the synthetic lash, which is then attached to your natural lash. This process allows for MUCH LESS breakage to the natural lash than strip lashes applied with glue. Strip lashes/lash styling are applied as is, and do not allow for a customized lash line the way that extensions do. Additionally, extensions will last up to 6 weeks, while strip lashes will last 1-2 days.


Is the process painful?

Not at all! In fact, most clients will fall asleep during the process. Your eye will remain closed for the entire procedure while your lash stylist creates a customized look for your eye frame. You simply sit back, relax and enjoy some peaceful quite time to yourself!


How long will my appointment be?

Applying a full set for the first time will take your stylist about two hours. During this time your stylist will conusult with you about the look you wish to achieve, clense your lashes and apply a full set (approx. 110 lashes per eye). After you have had your full set applied your touch up appointments will take about an hour. During touch ups your stylist will replace any lashes that have grown out and fill it sparse areas.


Do extensions require a lot of maintenance?

Your lashes will require much less attention after your extensions have been applied. Because lashes will now look fuller and darker,  most women forgo mascara! However, you will need to be gentle around the eye area and take special care of your new lashes for 48 hours after your appointment. For more information on maintenance after your appointment click here.


I had my lash extensions done by another lash stylist but I would like SVA to do my touch up. Can SVA apply them?

Yes! Please call us to book an appointment.